Priority for the West Lot Camping will be given as follows:

1st - Fairboard Directors
2nd - Food Concessionaires
3rd - Large Livestock Superintendants: defined as those species that are eligible to participate in the Large Livestock Sale, one camper per species.
4th - Other Fair Personnel as designated by the Senior Fair Board

Priority for the South Lot Camping will be given as follows:

1st - Fairboard Directors
2nd - Concessionaires
3rd - Livestock Exhibitors
4th- General Public

All those camping in the West Lot or South Lot must have a membership or season ticket & camper sticker must be on display in the window.

All returning camper's must have camping fees paid in full by June 30th. NO EXCEPTIONS

All garbage shall be stored in a suitable container and deposited daily in appropriate place.

For a minimal fee (paid by camper), liquid waste can be pumped out during fair week.

Campfires are allowed only with the use of a fire ring and MUST be cleaned up before you leave.

Campers may be placed on lots the Friday (not before) prior to fair week.

Campers must be removed by Tuesday evening following the last day of fair.

Electric and water will be turned on the Saturday morning before the fair.

All campfires MUST have an adult (at least 21 years of age).


There will be no extra outside freezers or refrigerators, or Ice makers.  Ice is sold all week of fair for a minimal fee.

The single row closest to the parking lot, campers must be 31 feet or longer with the exception of the spots that house electrical transformers. NO EXCEPTIONS

Any open camping spots will be available when the Fair Office opens in July. All camping fees must be paid at the time of application including membership or season tickets. It must be done in person and only one spot per person. NO EXCEPTIONS

No sub-leasing.

Any questions with camping rules please contact any member of Huron County Fair camping committee:
SOUTH LOT: Dean Chandler, Matt Brooks, or Rodd Tusing
WEST LOT: Randy Fishbaugh, James Miller, or Molly Porter



Parking Decals will be issued and must be mounted in the upper left corner of windshield.

Any family requiring more than 1 decal (they will be available on a limited basis) must buy them at $35.00 each at the Secretary's Office prior to the Fair.



1. All vehicle operators must obtain permit from the Huron County Fair Board.

2. Permits are available at the Fair Secretary's Office.

3. Cost of permit is $100.00, non-refundable. Permit must be displayed on front of vehicle at all times while operating.

4. Only the person obtaining the permit shall operate vehicle.

5. All drivers must be 21 years of age.

6. All drivers must show proof of off-premise liability insurance before a permit is issued. A copy of this
will be on file in the Fair Secretary's Office.

7. Vehicles may only be used between the hours of 11:00 P.M. and 10:00 A.M.

8. Speed shall not exceed 5 MPH.

9. Any violation of rules will result in immediate removal of vehicle from premises. Driver's Permit will be revoked.

10. All emergency vehicles are exempt.


Unless otherwise authorized by law, pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code, no person shall
knowingly possess, have under the person's control, convey or attempt to convey a deadly
weapon or dangerous ordnance onto these premises of the buildings on the Fairgrounds (ORC 2923.1212). A valid license to carry a concealed handgun does not authorize the licensee to
carry a weapon onto these premises of the buildings on the Fairgrounds.

Violators will be prosecuted.

Posted by Order of the Board of Huron County Commissioners

The Huron County Agricultural Society, along with individual board members and employees, assume no responsibility for any damage, theft, or injury to any persons or property on our Fairgrounds.