2017 - 2018 Fair Ground Improvements

Cleaned Rabbit barn.  Took 2 center rows of pens off foundation, cleaned and leveled foundation and put pens back.

Repaired 2 booth floors in commercial building.

Poured new concert floor in Health building.

Installed wiring for security system.

Repaired outside wall on swine barn along wash area.  Raised wood door to pens.

Poured center concert walkway  in Draft Horse bar.  Repaired all doors and laches in ALL horse barns. Filled and packed between walkway and stalls in Draft horse barn.

Removed old pit bleachers.  Saved 2 - 20 foot section for use.  Dug area for grindings and different bleachers and handicap area. Put course grindings as base and packed.  Topped with fine grindings and packed.

Expanded Demo pit 12 feet.  New entrance.

Received road grindings from county.  Covered west parking lot parking area. Screened grindings.  Put grindings on south campgrounds drives, south parking area east/west drives and west parking area north/south drives

Installed new track lights on top of Grandstands.


2016 - 2017 Fair Ground Improvements

Bought acreage north end of Fair ground.  Sold mature timber, starting to clear trees and brush for future improvements.  Stumps and growth cleared from area. Cleared road frontage on west end of property. Installed fence from  south to north to property line. Grading clearing in ravine.

Area for additional west lot parking is cleared, graded and seededPost installed around parking area. Area in west woods cleared.

Expanded main line through north end of grounds and put in man holes. Back filled and graded site.

Grandstand roof blew off this spring.  Roof was repaired and underside painted. Painted grandstand seats. Painted steps and box seat area.

New lighting in middle of track area. Bases installed and new lights are in place. Post placed around light bases.

Food stands (Grange and Main) new metal siding and trim installed.

Installed concert manure pits by Wilson building and north of Weisenberger Arena.

New ceiling fans (3) installed in Home Arts building.

New concert pad for livestock ties in Wilson Building.

Removed old race track lights and concert bases. Old poles in a pile.

New metal benches installed in front of Office and one at Home Arts Building

2015 - 2016 Fair Ground Improvements

Clover Bud and Family Consumer Science - New wall board for displays.

Commercial building has new concert walkway.

New chairs and storage racks in Expo. Installed sound  materials on wall and ceiling. Enlarged doorway to service room and storage room.  New display boards for photograph diaplay

Grandstand - new door trim on garage doors.  New service counter and doors on concession stand at south end.

Wilson building - New electric panel. New drop boxes for cattle and sheep.  New post mounted boxes for cattle and sheep.

Widened concrete walkway in front of bleacher. Holes in concrete for new show area

Concrete pad outside north door by wash rack.

Cover over water hydrant.

Open cattle barn scraped and painted.  North wall repaired

Moved infield fence on east side of infield further east.

Trailer for wood chair storage.

Painted front of Hobby Shop

General siding repair on Open Cattle and 4-H Horse Barns and inside stall repair in Draft Horse barn.


2014 - 2015 Fair Ground Improvements

Removed old door from east end to shop, enlarged opening. Installed overhead door and poured door footer. 

New concrete floor in Goat Barn. 

Restroom sinks, new mounting.

Removed old  flower bed on south end of Commercial Building put in new flower beds.

New flower bed on south end of Draft Horse barn.

Removed old Clover Bud Building.  New Clover Bud Building built with new outside approach.

Jr. Fair Building, removed rotten fascia board, installed new boards and new fascia.

Pickworth Building, new siding on cupola and new weather vane on south cupola.

Main visitors entrance, new pavilion with concrete floor fence and middle divider with flowers .  Thank you Norwalk Eagles 711 for the entrance pavilion.

New roof on Ticket Booths.

Removed old door and installed door from Family Consumer Science to east end of shop.

East side of office to track entrance installed new walkway and handicap viewing area.

North of Weisenberger Arena installed catch basin. East end of Arena moved and installed new
entry gate.

North east end of Grandstand installed vinyl fence and area for stroller storage.

2013 - 2014 Fair Ground Improvements

New fenced walkway from south west corner of race track to main entrance.

Pony barn, lifted west wall and installed new support post, new fascia, down spouts and siding.

Miscellaneous building removed old door on North and South ends, widened door frame and installed new overhead doors. 

Home Arts floor removed,  pic 1, pic 2, pic 3, pic 4, new base pic 1, pic 2, and floor installed.

New drive coating between Miscellaneous and Commercial building and around Weisenberger arena. Thank you Huron County Commissioners and Huron County Highway Department for the materials and A. J. Riley Inc. for the labor.

Put drains in front of North, pic 1 and South, pic 2 doors on Draft Horse barn.

Removed dead tree by Vets. Pavilion. Harvested logs to be made into boards to be used on fairgrounds.

Remove old fence between West Camp and Heritage and replace with new fence

Removed old fence along Fair Road and West Street.  Install new fence.  New west entrance gates. Installed post and cable for fence barrier

Pickworth, removed old sill and replace sill to level building.

Pickworth Judging - New small door on north and east side, new entry door on south end.

Pickworth new siding and south entry door, east side.


 2012 - 2013 Fair Ground Improvements

 Wood post for Heritage walk fence set.

  New fence installed along Fair Road.  New track entrance gate.  New entry gate. New equipment gate.

 Pickworth Judging - New door on north end .

North end of Draft Horse barn.  New sill plate and 2 nailers and 4X8 sheeting. New siding and door.

Draft Horse barn east side. New sill plate and 2 nailers and 4X8 sheeting. New siding , windows, and door.

New roof on saddle horse barn. 

New judging area between goat and turkey barns. Bleachers in judging area. Lights installed in judging arena. Gates installed - south entry, entry to show arena from goat and turkey barns, gates between show arena and turkey barn.  Gates were donated by Norwalk Rural King.  THANK YOU! 

Relocated milk stanchion to west end of open dairy/cattle barn.  Electric feed for milk stanchion.

Monica Rose Memorial Shelter. Bleachers and sun screen.

New catch basin off hog wash area. 

2011 - 2012 Fair Ground Improvements 

New siding on FCS building, new double doors on east and west sides.  Overhead door jam straightened.

New siding, gutters, sign and painted foundatiuon on restroom .

New siding, electrical, overhead door, gutters and painted foundation on Health building.

Office, removed flower beds, installed cement and hanging baskets.

New pens in both goat and turkey barns. (Donations)

Hung 4 fans in Walter Horn Jr. barn.

Upgraded campgound electircal and south end. 

More disabiltiy parking spaces. (County Commissoners)

Cement pad and bleachers in Wilson building.

Moveable cattle ties at west end of Wilson building

Curly's Sheep Pavilion south of Wilson building. (Donations)

Grandstands front wall and end walls painted.

 2010 - 2011 Fair Ground Improvements

Walter Horn Jr. Junior Dairy Barn

Given to Senior Fair Board March 2011 by Walter Horn Jr. Family. Note donor board, inside west end of Junior Dairy Barn

Barn size 48 feet X 200 feet - larger than old Junior Dairy Barn

Rough cut lumber from trees harvested from fair grounds used to make gates and side tie boards.

525 amp main with 3 - 175 amp breaker boxes

Natural ventilation - note roof line and side windows

Center panels portable to use barn for other function when not being used for Huron County Fair

Plaque boards donated by Huron County Cattlemen Association



Removed old shingled roof and repaired roof deck

New metal roof and trim

New entrance panels

Painted inside

Will be sided by 2012 fair

Grand Stands - Work done by Tusing Construction and Huron County Senior Fair Board

Repaired weather damaged roof and deck

New spouting and down spouts

New safety fence at top of seating area

Electrical work - removed old unused electrical components



Harvested mature trees from fair grounds -James Miller cut down trees

3 Oak

2 Hickory

4 Ash

1 Mulberry

Wood was cut into boards and used inside Walter Horn Jr. Junior Dairy Barn; rest will be used to complete projects on fair grounds

Planted 10 trees to replace those harvested (maple, oak, sweetgum)

3 oak trees to be planted this fall - donated by James and Michelle Miller


Turkey/Goat Barn

Turkey Barn built and used for 2010 fair. Completed 2011 - New lights and sun screen

Goat Barn - New sun screen


Home Arts

New siding provided by Community Minded Fair Supporters Committee

New sun screen

East Parking lot added to north end of race track for exhibitors/general parking

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